Sphere’s of Life

Several years after working full time I am still a blogger looking for good contents to spice up my blog. The awesome fig about this sphere is the a boiling part of the human life. As one moment passed, so another moment in a journey to be fulfilled and reinvigorated. Once I had time to pause and reflect upon these recent events I noticed an interesting thing: an increasing number came to visit for new posts as they would my blog.

Were these numbers a coincidence? Or, I thought to myself, could it be true that, in general terms, the number of people that care about your blog is nearly as the same number that care about what you post.

Human life can for convenience be divided into four major spheres, the pursuit of power (politics), the pursuit of wealth (economics), the pursuit of salvation and meaning (religion), the pursuit of social and sexual warmth (kinship). In the normal state of affairs these are fused into one totality, a holistic merging based on the dominance of one sphere to which everything else is secondary. Tribal societies provide this dominance or infrastructure through kinship, India and Islam through religion, traditional China through kinship and ethics (Confucianism), ancient regime Europe increasingly through kin-based politics. What is peculiar about modernity is that there is no institutional infrastructure, or, if it exists, it is provided by the impersonal, contextual, contractual pressures of the ‘free’ market economy and the ethic of trust upon which it has to be based.

Here are a few key to sphere’s of Happiness culled from a blog. (It will do you good – Its for you)


1. Give high priority to the pursuit of happiness.

2. Experience love and friendship, and value relationships,

3. Develop a sense of self-esteem.

4. Work hard at what you enjoy and achieve the flow experience.

5. Appreciate the joys of day-to-day living.

6. Be fair, kind, helpful, and trusting of others.

7. Have recreational fun in your life.

8. Learn to cope with grief, disappointment, setbacks, and stress.

9. Live with what you cannot change.

10. Energize yourself through physical fitness.

11. Satisfy your most important values.

12. Lead a meaningful life.